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Welcome to Naturally You
Naturally You is a full-service showroom/salon in the Milwaukee area, specializing in wig selection and styling. We promise not to waste your time and money. So let's get right to it!

You’re considering a wig/topper because…

You’re ready for a new look?


Impossible hair?

Hair loss? Thinning?

Hair loss from cancer treatments?



You probably have a lot of questions including:

  • Where in the Milwaukee area is thee a good choice of fashionable wigs selected from only the most reliable brands?
  • Should I choose human hair or synthetic? A ready-made wig or custom? How do they differ?
  • What about all those confusing wig colors? Prices? Sizes?
  • Is there an expert wig stylist in the Milwaukee area who can help me sort this all out and find the right wig for me?
  • Where can I get the answers without wasting my time and money?

Talk To Lisa

Talk to Lisa Brzezinksi in the comfort of Naturally You before you spend a single dollar and endless time. One hour with Lisa at her friendly showroom/salon can change your entire experience. Lisa will answer all of your questions about wigs and share with you what it can take years to learn.

What makes Lisa the prime wig expert in the Milwaukee area?

  • 38 years of highly-trained, fashion-forward hair styling
  • 25 years of wig styling and reconstruction
  • 25 years of searching out the best wig companies in America and beyond
  • 25 years of taking the “wigginess” out of wigs
  • 25 years of being discreet

Brands Available In-Store Only

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Have a question for Lisa? Reach out today to get any and all inquiries answered. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response. Thank you!

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